What We Can Do For You

A Complex Issue Meets Thoughtful Solutions

Complex Plans

Regulatory reform, complicated products, and a lack of transparency make retirement plans costly and difficult to understand.

Time & Information

Increasing demands on an employer’s time and inadequate information hinder employers from making meaningful changes to improve their current plans.

Independent Thinking

Samuel Financial’s role as a fiduciary, our independence, and our forward thinking solutions help employers manage costs, improve operational efficiency, and better the retirement outcomes for employees.

Your plan, and how you manage it, is increasingly falling under intense scrutiny—not only from participants, but also from the regulatory bodies that are responsible for protecting participants’ interests.

As your partner, we can share much of this fiduciary responsibility with you, and implement a disciplined process to better manage your fiduciary obligations.

Setting Goals

Samuel Financial can start by designing an optimal plan for your company.

We listen to you about what you want your plan to accomplish and then create the perfect plan based on cost and benefits.

Choosing the Right Provider

  • Conduct the search for the best provider
  • Evaluate the fee and service options that are being offered.
  • Manage the provider transition, service and support.

Investment Menu Design and Monitoring

  • Conduct the construction of your Investment Menu
  • Maintain your Investment Menu
  • Develop your Investment Policy Statement.



Ongoing Support

  • Provide regularly scheduled committee meetings.
  • Provide oversight on the plan’s compliance issues.
  • Organize and maintain the required documentation related to your retirement plans.
  • Is a co-Fiduciary to you and your employees.
  • Acts as a single point of contact for your retirement plan
  • Can accomodate a variety of special projects related to your retirement planning.