Financial Sense

Make sure your money is working as hard as you do.

A 401(k) plan consists of two components: Employer and employee monies. Samuel Financial works to ensure that both monies are providing maximum benefits to your employees while reducing the costs associated with running the plan.

Our advisory fee is competitive and depends on the size of your plan and the services you require. We are completely transparent in our fee structure and will give you solid numbers at any point. We can work with any provider and will review our fees with you on a regular or as requested basis.

And as importantly, as a co-fiduciary, we help you mitigate your fiduciary exposure and potential liability. We strive to keep your plan in full compliance with ever-evolving regulations and systematically monitor your plan’s investment options. 

Let Samuel Save You Money

Combining our knowledge of the available products with our competitive fee structure, you may actually save money by hiring Samuel Financial to conduct your retirement planning.

Reduce Turnover

By offering a compelling retirement plan, you may improve retention, reducing the dollars necessary for recruitment and training employees.

Tax Savings

By matching part or all of what your employees set aside, your company may reduce taxes.